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Food For Your Mood

Food is the key to being healthy, but only if you are eating the correct proportions and foods that are good for you. Yes, we all know that the foods that are extremely bad for us are really good, but we can’t eat them as much as we’d like. Maintaining a balance nutrition is vital in order to be healthy and have a much better attitude. You may not think that what you eat has an effect on your mood, but it definitely does.


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Although the research is not conclusive as to whether a link between mental or emotional health and nutrition exists, this topic does not seem to carry much controversy. The general consensus is saying that there is a connection, and eating healthy is a good idea for an overall wellbeing of the body. (Image by bangdoll@flickr via Flickr)

An informational packet called “Nutrition for Mental Health and Emotional Wellness” is a great starting resource if you would like to learn more about how food can change your mood or would like to know what foods you should be eating. 

The packet states that “Having a minimum of five portions, daily, of fresh fruit and vegetables provides the nutrients needed to nourish mind and body. By choosing foods that provide good energy and nutritional value, you can help nourish your body and mind.”

This resource lists essential vitamins, minerals and general nutrition that your body needs. In addition, there is information on links between the deficiencies of certain nutrients and problems such as depression, anxiety, fatigue, irritability and insomnia.

The rest of the packet contains nutrition information about specific fruits, vegetables, fungi, seeds and meats as well as eight tasty recipes. While this is one helpful resource, there are many ways to educate yourself on nutrition and even its link to emotional wellness such as speaking to your doctor, doing research online or at a library or consulting a nutritionist.

You may also visit a store that focuses on nutritious foods and overall health, some even provide trained employees to help educate their customers and community. 

While it is not proven that food can cure depression or give you perfect emotional health, it seems to be working for people and at least worth a try. Please remember that this should not take the place of any medications prescribed by your doctor.

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Knowing now how food can affect our mood, it’s time to add some healthier foods to our diets to give us more energy and maybe layoff the coffee to fuel us through the day.

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