Wellness Retreats — Putting It All Together


Are you tired of all the stress, the way your life has been going lately, and just want to get away? Maybe it is time to take a break from it all and take a trip to re-energize and get back in touch with yourself, the self you want to be in the chaotic-hectic world that we live in.

Wellness RetreatA retreat is, by definition, a get away from the work, the stress, and the triggers that cause us to live unhealthy lives. Today’s wellness retreats are different. They’re not the glorified spa packages of old. While there is a healthy dose of pampering just the kind of attention you can’t get back home wellness retreats revive your wellbeing through meditation, yoga, natural foods, and a hearty dose of the great outdoors. (Image x KarmaKandara.com)

1. Retreats help you battle stress

Stress ranks high on the list of things that many busy working individuals would like to be free from, and as if coping with stress weren’t enough, the burden of stress also causes many other problems such as weight gain.

2. A retreat helps you re-center and re-charge

One of the biggest mistakes many busy people make is failing to notice how our lives have eroded into perpetual survival mode. This adrenaline filled ride takes a serious toll on our bodies and our minds until we find ourselves facing serious health complications and/or an emotional crisis that forces us to face facts. A retreat can reset that balance with fresh air, gentle physical exertion, and healthy foods. Once you’ve been able to step back from all that, you can see things more clearly and see where you may be able to make changes that you can take back into your daily life. We’re not talking big changes just the changes that finally work for you.

Fitness Wellness Retreat3. Retreats help you reconnect

Often, when we’re stuck in a daily grind of work, activities, family, and responsibilities, our relationships suffer. Our relationships with those we love are important factors in our lives and big indicators of our long term health. A retreat can help you recognize where your relationships are going wrong and what you can do about it. For many of us it’s learning to say no to requests that fail to deliver productive results or joy. Often, retreat goers find themselves excited to return to their offices, their homes, and their families with new methods for defusing arguments and generating healthy conversations. (Image x Chivasom.com)

4. A retreat brings creativity back into your life

How often do you wonder why what you’re doing every day doesn’t seem to make a difference? How often do you wonder if it’s simply because what you’re doing isn’t working and if you could just get creative about doing it differently, you’d find a way to make big healthy changes in your life? It’s acutely difficult when we are stuck in a rut to see new ways of doing things. Wellness retreat goers, on the other hand, have explored new activities and new ideas. They may have practiced yoga on a beach, kicked their old nutritional habits to the curb, spent an afternoon exploring a nearby waterfall, or gone on a hike. When you are trying to find the time to take good care of yourself, you may find that a retreat is the best way to step away from it all, find a little (or a lot) perspective, and return to your life with greater ability to live it better.

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Wellness retreats are something we all need once in a while to center ourselves and get back to a more calm, collective and creative thinking mind. With all the troubles we go through on a daily basis a wellness retreat will help you be able to deal with those problems without putting your health at risk by stressing.