How to be Happy.

Smile and Think Happy Thoughts

like a record...laughing

Show Those Pearly Whites

It takes more muscles to make a frown, so smile because it is a beautiful thing. It will not only make you feel better, but those around you will be influenced by your positive attitude and will smile back. Spread joy and happiness through your amazing smile. Here are some ways to bring out your glorious smile and make others smile around you: (Left: Image by shoothead via Flickr; Right: Image by nosha via Flickr)

  • Brush your teeth. Nothing beats a sparkling set of white teeth to boost your confidence.
  • Happy thoughts are the key to a happy smile. Make sure you think positive and not let any negative thoughts affect you.
  • A good deed. Share or help someone who needs a shoulder to cry on. Be a reason for their smile. 100 % smile guaranteed.
  • Eat healthy. Avoid food stuff that makes you feel lethargic. A healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables leads to healthy and happy lifestyle.
  • Sleep well. Take rest and do not stay up late. Nobody wants to see a grumpy face not even your mirror.

…More at Tips to keep smiling! – Times of India or just learn to be happy by reading this awesome non-fiction book available on Amazon, “Happiness in Seven Steps” by Lee G Lovett.

With these tips at hand flip that frown upside down and smile the biggest smile you can. Think positive and that will surely put and keep a smile on your face. Even I’ll smile a little more and so should you. Get that book, “Happiness in Seven Steps” –it really helps.