How to be Happy.

Finding, Understanding and Cherishing Happy Moments

Angels Are Messengers From GodMost of us have hectic lives and are just trying to speed through them to the fun stuff. Maybe we should slow down and find some fun in those things that we are doing. We have to produce our own happy moments. I can say myself that I have found a way to enjoy the busy pieces of my life and have made happy moments to look back on. (Image by Thomas Hawk via Flickr)

One of my favorite mantras is “not busy.” Why? Because I strive not to be “busy.” I am usually very good at keeping my time focused on doing the things that are most important to me, the things that will give me the greatest feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day. 

Rushing around to finish a mile-long to-do list can undermine my happiness as much as not getting anything accomplished at all. And when I find myself going in a million different directions, I try to remind myself: “not busy.”

It allows me to slow down (if only in my head), which, of course makes everything flow much more easily. It helps me appreciate that I am exactly where I need to be in every moment. It helps me remember that I always have a choice when looking at any situation.

I find that I am most likely to feel stressed when I’m doing stuff that doesn’t seem “important” — you know the mundane things like running errands and housekeeping. And that fits with something else I’ve learned, because what I’ve realized most is that a happy life is made up of happy moments. And that doesn’t mean those rare, big-ticket happy moments, like getting the publishing contract or the new car.

Happy lives are made up of the quotidian variety of happy moments, like reading a novel, or petting your cat in that special spot that makes her purr. Again, I think it’s especially important that we place a priority on scheduling time alone to “refill our well” — especially during busy times like the holiday.

Understanding this leads to an even more important understanding: the power to choose our thoughts gives us the power to choose joy in any situation.

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Whatever you can do to make yourself happy will produce happy moments. To stay happy you have to throw in things that you love when doing something that may not be enjoyable. By having that happy moment will soon make it enjoyable.