How to be Happy.

Be Happy Alone — Learn How

Laugh more oftenIn order to be happy with anyone else or surrounded by anyone else; you need to be happy with yourself first. Everyone should be able to be happy alone to move forward in their life, this is the key to happiness. Once you are able to be comfortable with being happy alone, everything will work our great for you. Here are some tips on how to be happy alone. (Image by Celeste via Flickr)

  • Make a list of things that make you happy. Include both small and large things. Things that make you happy could include food from your favorite restaurant, watching a favorite TV program, listening to music, traveling or reading a new book. Then schedule these things into your life. If you are not comfortable going to your favorite restaurant alone, then order delivery or go pick up take out from that restaurant. If you really enjoy reading, schedule routine trips to the library or book store to stock up on your favorite reading materials. If you love traveling, don’t let being alone stop you. Start small and schedule a day trip to a local museum or event. When that goes well, that will give you the confidence to venture out on longer and longer trips by yourself.
  • If you can’t think of a lot of things that make you happy or you get bored doing the things on your existing list, then it’s time to try something new. You may find a new passion in your life. If you like cooking, try a cooking class at a local store or community college. If you like wearing jewelry, find a class at a local craft store where you can learn to make your own jewelry. Check in your local newspaper or community magazine for a listing of classes that you may be interested in.
  • It is often said that you will reap what you sow. If you spread happiness, you will get much happiness back in return. Offer to do some small favors for your friends or neighbors. You will get to know them better and will feel good in knowing that you are making someone else’s life easier. There are always non-profit organizations in every community that are looking for volunteers. You may meet some great people while volunteering and know that you are helping people and your community at the same time.
  • You may want to consider getting a pet. When you have a pet in the house, you are never truly alone. They will provide companionship and entertainment. If you choose to get a dog as your pet, you will get exercise taking them for daily walks. A dog or cat is great to snuggle with at night and they will always be happy to see you when you get home.
  • Make sure to treat yourself to keep happy. Cook your favorite dishes at least once or twice a week. Get your hair and nails done. Use good china and silverware when you sit down for a meal. Buy something every week that makes you happy. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it could even be your favorite bagel and cappuccino.

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Now that you have these steps on how to be happy being alone, go out and start implementing them in your life. Pamper yourself and go enjoy a nice dinner by yourself.