Definintion of Wellness


Butterfly flying free from cupped handsBefore jumping in and starting all these fitness regiments many people question, what exactly is wellness? What is physical wellness and how do I reach this? Well now you will finally learn what wellness is and maybe put your own twist on it. (Image by Beverly & Pack via Flickr)

As best as I can tell, there is not a universally accepted definition of wellness. Therefore, neither is there only one way to measure wellness. The medical model focuses mainly on the absence of illness, disease or disability. The holistic model encompasses all aspects of the person, including environment.  Where can we find the middle ground that helps us make an accurate assessment of our own health?

My personal definition of wellness is one that I have created over the years through my studies and my work: Wellness is much more than the absence of disease or infirmity. Total wellness includes individuals assuming personal responsibility for shaping and adopting healthy lifestyles, in order to achieve optimal levels of health (physical, spiritual, mental, emotional), including social well being and economic productivity.

How do you define wellness?

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This is what I believe wellness to be, do you agree, or do you have your own definiton after reading this? Either way I hope that you are able to achieve wellness is your life some how, some way.

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