How to be Happy.

Be Happy Alone — Learn How

Laugh more oftenIn order to be happy with anyone else or surrounded by anyone else; you need to be happy with yourself first. Everyone should be able to be happy alone to move forward in their life, this is the key to happiness. Once you are able to be comfortable with being happy alone, everything will work our great for you. Here are some tips on how to be happy alone. (Image by Celeste via Flickr)

  • Make a list of things that make you happy. Include both small and large things. Things that make you happy could include food from your favorite restaurant, watching a favorite TV program, listening to music, traveling or reading a new book. Then schedule these things into your life. If you are not comfortable going to your favorite restaurant alone, then order delivery or go pick up take out from that restaurant. If you really enjoy reading, schedule routine trips to the library or book store to stock up on your favorite reading materials. If you love traveling, don’t let being alone stop you. Start small and schedule a day trip to a local museum or event. When that goes well, that will give you the confidence to venture out on longer and longer trips by yourself.
  • If you can’t think of a lot of things that make you happy or you get bored doing the things on your existing list, then it’s time to try something new. You may find a new passion in your life. If you like cooking, try a cooking class at a local store or community college. If you like wearing jewelry, find a class at a local craft store where you can learn to make your own jewelry. Check in your local newspaper or community magazine for a listing of classes that you may be interested in.
  • It is often said that you will reap what you sow. If you spread happiness, you will get much happiness back in return. Offer to do some small favors for your friends or neighbors. You will get to know them better and will feel good in knowing that you are making someone else’s life easier. There are always non-profit organizations in every community that are looking for volunteers. You may meet some great people while volunteering and know that you are helping people and your community at the same time.
  • You may want to consider getting a pet. When you have a pet in the house, you are never truly alone. They will provide companionship and entertainment. If you choose to get a dog as your pet, you will get exercise taking them for daily walks. A dog or cat is great to snuggle with at night and they will always be happy to see you when you get home.
  • Make sure to treat yourself to keep happy. Cook your favorite dishes at least once or twice a week. Get your hair and nails done. Use good china and silverware when you sit down for a meal. Buy something every week that makes you happy. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it could even be your favorite bagel and cappuccino.

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Now that you have these steps on how to be happy being alone, go out and start implementing them in your life. Pamper yourself and go enjoy a nice dinner by yourself.

Defining Mental Disorder

judge me now, #2 in exploreWhen trying to take care of your mental wellness, you have to be aware of your mood and any changes in it. Mental disorders are common, whether they are short term or long term. The most important thing that you should now is what exactly is metal disorder? What is the definition of mental disorder? (Image by ashley rose, via Flickr)

A mental disorder is characterized by thoughts and behaviors that cause individuals to experience extreme problems in functioning in significant areas of their lives relationships, employment, education, financial well-being, even spirituality. Mental disorder is not short term, but it is also not necessarily permanent. By definition, mental problems must endure for a certain minimum period of time before a mental disorder can be diagnosed. Most mental disorders resolve after treatment with counseling, medication, or simply the passing of time.

Other mental disorders are lifelong and cause ongoing problems for those afflicted with them and for their families. If someone is mentally ill, he is not simply odd. Labels of mental disorder ought never to be applied without a professional assessment. Mental disorders are by definition serious disturbances. These are some common types of mental disorders:

Psychotic disorders are those that result in bizarre, paranoid, or delusional thinking. The most common one is schizophrenia. Individuals with psychotic illnesses manifest the symptoms most often thought of as crazy seeing or hearing things that are not there, making bizarre connections between unrelated events, or showing grossly inappropriate responses to ordinary occurrences.

Mood disorders are those that primarily affect a person’s emotional stability.

The most common are depression and bipolar disorder (formerly called manic-depression). Individuals afflicted with depression feel discouraged and hopeless almost every day, have lost interest in activities in which they used to take pleasure, and sometimes consider or attempt suicide. Those with bipolar disorder exhibit cycles of wildly changing emotions and behaviors. Anxiety disorders are characterized by extreme nervousness, panic, or phobias.

Persons suffering from anxiety disorders cannot calm down, feel panicky much of the time, and have physical symptoms of constant nervousness. Those with post-traumatic stress may experience flashbacks of trauma and may react to loud noises or other reminders of the precipitating event.

Personality disorders are disturbances in thinking and behavior that are a part of a person’s basic character. They result in lifelong patterns of counter- productive behavior. Unlike the above mental disorders, personality disorders do not often respond to medications or short-term therapy.

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Now that you know an accurate definition of what mental disorder is and what mental disorders there are, you are able to assess if you might have one. Remember now your doctor should be the one to do a mental evaluation on you to see if you do have a mental disorder.

How to be Happy.

Spread Love, Spread Happiness

One Dollar, Sir!Happiness is a big thing, bigger than what most would think of it as. Everyone all across the world wants to be happy so why wouldn’t you want to be. Being happy not only makes you feel better and betters your health, but it makes others want to be happy because they see how happy you are. You can easily make someone happy just by smiling and this is the key to happiness and passing it on. (Image by Stuck in Customs via Flickr) 

The United Nations declared March 20 the first International Day of Happiness, declaring that “the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal.”

What specifically makes you happy? How do you make others happy? If your nation had a Gross National Happiness Index, as the Kingdom of Bhutan does, how happy do you think people would be? Why?

In “Happy International Happiness Day,”Harvey Morris writes:

The United Nations has declared March 20 the first International Day of Happiness to underline the commitment of its 193 member states to “better capture the importance of the pursuit of happiness and well-being in development with a view to guiding their public policies.”

…The initiative for Happiness Day came from the Kingdom of Bhutan, the small landlocked Himalayan state, which adopted a Gross National Happiness Index as a better measure of its people’s prosperity than its income.

Ban Ki-moon, the U.N. Secretary-General, marked the day by calling for a reinforced commitment to inclusive and sustainable human development.

“When we contribute to the common good, we ourselves are enriched,” he said. “Compassion promotes happiness and will help build the future we want.”

No one would deny the positive benefits of happiness, a state of mind that Americans have been pursuing as an inalienable right since the Declaration of Independence.

The Action for Happiness organization in Britain urges people to count their blessings. “People who are grateful tend to be happier, healthier and more fulfilled,” it says. “Being grateful can help people cope with stress and can even have a beneficial effect on heart rate.”

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Let’s begin to be grateful and start on a journey to long, beautiful happiness. Pass happiness on to one another and just smile.

Skin Nutrition For A Great Complexion

Fly awayDid you know what you eat has a lot to do with how your skin looks. If you have a good diet consisting off all the nutrients you need, you skin will be beautiful and glow. If you are eating badly, your skin will show that also. Like I am always saying, you are what you eat; so here are some nutrients you should start adding to your diet not just for your skin, but for better health. (Image by 55Laney69 via Flickr)


Zinc deficiency, according to experts, will be characterized by among other symptoms, impaired immune functions, eye lesions and a considerable delay in wounds and skin lesions. Zinc inclusion for the nutrition for healthy skin exercise aims at resolving the zinc deficiency which in turn helps the immune system cope with diseases that affect the skin. Since zinc is a co factor in the various enzymes necessary for healing injured skin, a diet rich in it aids in the healing of the damage caused on the skin by all manners of irritants.


Nutrition for healthy skin should also be rich in silica. Organic silica as a nutrient provides the body with a vital mineral that constitutes almost all the body’s connective tissue. Silica serves as a cross-link agent, giving the connections strength and flexibility. Silica has been known to alleviate psoriasis, eczema and a number of other degenerative skin conditions. Quite, a number of foods which are also good for the heart such as oats, rice, barley, wines and so on are rich in silica and can be included in the nutrition for healthy skin diet.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

The omega fatty acids fall under the essential fat’s class, which is a group of excellent anti-inflammation agents in the body. In the nutrition for healthy skin, these fats can be found in a variety of fish, the flax seed oil and avocados. Fatty acids are very good with reducing inflammation of cells and cell membranes. A typical nutrition for healthy skin has to have the omega-3 fatty acids, particularly, because these help with the reduction of any kind of skin inflammation.

Vitamins C, E and A

The antioxidant feature of vitamins such as vitamin C, E, and A help the body copes with toxins, stimulates the collagen synthesis and in the while nourishes the skin. Nutrition for healthy skin utilizes vitamins as a basis for all its preventative and treatment of skin diseases. Vitamin A prevents dryness and provides a smooth skin. Furthermore, effective for the dry skin is vitamin E, which also relieves itching and scarring. Vitamin C is imperative for a strong and functioning immune system, and nothing promotes health like a good immune. Fruits and vegetables provide a wide range of vitamin and nutrition for healthy skin.

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Now that you know what nutrients you need to have healthy glowing skin, you can start searching for foods full of these nutrients. As we all know it is much better to eat foods with these types of vitamins rather than taking a vitamin.

Proper Nutrition and the Coordinating the Right Eating Plan

Refreshing Berry SmoothiesProper nutrition is extremely important, you want to make sure that you are feeding your body healthy foods that in needs. Eating healthy will not only better your mood, but will help your metabolism, will help you lose weight and many other great benefits. The thing is all of our bodies have their own little nutrition plan that they have to follow in order to function properly. (Image by Pink Sherbet Photography via Flickr)

You don’t have to starve yourself!

First off, someone who is not at a healthy weight would most likely be on a calorie restricting diet in order to lose weight and burn fat. This will lead to a healthier future and prevention of many harmful diseases. Calorie restricting diets are not as negative as most people may think; all it means is that you should be eating fewer calories than your body requires. This does not mean starving yourself or getting fewer nutrients than you normally would. It simply means that you are eating foods that are nutrient dense, but with limited calories. This is a great example of a diet that helps you lose weight in a natural and healthy way.

It is evident that someone who wants to lose weight has to eat very differently than someone who wants to maintain his or her current weight. If you are satisfied with your weight now, in order to maintain it, you have to be eating approximately the amount of calories your body requires.

These measurements can be acquired using online calculators and simple measurements. However, there is a right of way doing this and a wrong way. Make sure you are consuming the appropriate amount of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. You will be successful only if you are following a balanced and moderate eating plan.

If you are vegetarian, your diet also changes. Whether you want to lose weight or maintain your current weight, it is possible.

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As you see for whatever you are trying to do when it comes to your weight, there is a certain diet plan you must follow. I hope you have found one to follow and will stick to it.

How to be Happy.

Finding, Understanding and Cherishing Happy Moments

Angels Are Messengers From GodMost of us have hectic lives and are just trying to speed through them to the fun stuff. Maybe we should slow down and find some fun in those things that we are doing. We have to produce our own happy moments. I can say myself that I have found a way to enjoy the busy pieces of my life and have made happy moments to look back on. (Image by Thomas Hawk via Flickr)

One of my favorite mantras is “not busy.” Why? Because I strive not to be “busy.” I am usually very good at keeping my time focused on doing the things that are most important to me, the things that will give me the greatest feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day. 

Rushing around to finish a mile-long to-do list can undermine my happiness as much as not getting anything accomplished at all. And when I find myself going in a million different directions, I try to remind myself: “not busy.”

It allows me to slow down (if only in my head), which, of course makes everything flow much more easily. It helps me appreciate that I am exactly where I need to be in every moment. It helps me remember that I always have a choice when looking at any situation.

I find that I am most likely to feel stressed when I’m doing stuff that doesn’t seem “important” — you know the mundane things like running errands and housekeeping. And that fits with something else I’ve learned, because what I’ve realized most is that a happy life is made up of happy moments. And that doesn’t mean those rare, big-ticket happy moments, like getting the publishing contract or the new car.

Happy lives are made up of the quotidian variety of happy moments, like reading a novel, or petting your cat in that special spot that makes her purr. Again, I think it’s especially important that we place a priority on scheduling time alone to “refill our well” — especially during busy times like the holiday.

Understanding this leads to an even more important understanding: the power to choose our thoughts gives us the power to choose joy in any situation.

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Whatever you can do to make yourself happy will produce happy moments. To stay happy you have to throw in things that you love when doing something that may not be enjoyable. By having that happy moment will soon make it enjoyable.

Interesting Water Nutrition Facts

water and nutritionWe all know that our bodies need water; water is one of the most vital things that keep us running. Most of the world is made up of water; our bodies are of course made up mostly of water. We need water to function and to stay hydrated, and without water we would die … literally. With all this water around us we need to make sure we are drinking enough water. (Image by Sree_ via Flickr)

Water is the solvent of all of the food you eat, and it is the medium by which all chemical reactions related to digestion happens. Water helps turn food into energy, enabling your body to function. But for water to do its part, you need to fill your body with the right kind of food.

When you eat artificial, unnatural foods, the natural metabolic process will not happen properly. You will not get your much-needed nutrients, and will in fact poison your body from the toxins that are released. These toxins are closely related to an increased acidity level, which leads to all sorts of illnesses and ailments: obesity, hypertension, heart disease and osteoporosis, to name a few.

Consequently, our body needs more water to balance and eliminate the unnatural/unhealthy substances, which will leave us in a state of dehydration. If you like to eat artificial food, you should be conscious that you will need to drink more water to supply the loss.

Toxicity is closely related to increase of the acidity level which leads to all kinds of illness and alignments, obesity, hypertension, heart diseases and osteoporosis, been only few of them.

This doesn’t mean that acidic foods are automatically bad for you. In fact, your body needs a balance of acidic and alkaline-producing foods. In general, acid-producing foods can be found in animal products, while fruits and vegetables are examples of alkaline foods.

What this does mean is that you should avoid artificial, unnatural products. If you regularly consume these types of foods, you must drink more water to balance and eliminate these substances.

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So now that you know all you have to do to battle bad food is drink extra water does not mean do that. You should still eat healthy while drinking water because this gives you energy. We are all after all seeking for more energy and being healthy.