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A Brand New DayWith working out you want the best weight loss results possible. Well we all know you must first have the motivation to lose weight. In order to have the motivation and want to lose weight, you should try work outs that are fun to you. If you are having fun working out you will have no choice but to enjoy it and lose weight. That is the goal at the end of the day. (Image by Thomas Hawk via Flickr)

Beginning is often the Hardest Part

People often make it harder than it really is in their minds. You wonder what to eat for breakfast, then lunch then dinner. You over think snack foods. You obsess over what to eat while working. It’s very simple, plan your meals. When you plan each meal and snack for a week at a time, you take much of the guesswork in losing weight out of the equation. Shop for what you need to eat for the whole week. Try your best to pick natural whole foods in each meal and snack. Pair a carbohydrate with a protein, being careful not to eat too much of either. Another important part of the beginning process is not to get upset with yourself if you fail at eating well. No one eats perfectly. Be kind to yourself and realize you are making a total lifestyle change in the decision to lose weight.

Beginning an Exercise Program

When beginning an exercise program there are a few things to consider. First, take it slow. Many people go fast and furious at first and either hurt themselves or burn out. Safety is very important. Instead of attempting to do 30 push-ups, try to do five or ten push-ups correctly. Form in exercise is very important. Another important item to consider is beginning with a low impact exercise. Do not expect to be able to do P90X or Insanity your first week of working out. Start with a walk. Aim to walk a mile or so a day. Gradually increase your activity level until you can tolerate hard exercises for thirty plus minutes per day.

Not all Exercise Burns the same Calories

When exercising in order to lose weight, the whole purpose is to get the maximum burn to burn the most calories. When you walk at two miles per hour, you are not burning the calories when you are walking uphill at four miles per hour. Running of course burns more calories than walking. Interval training, which is exercise at your maximum effort for a period for 30 to 90 seconds followed by a minute of rest, is one of the best forms of cardio exercise. It is said to burn three times the calories when compared to just walking or running for the whole 30 minutes. When making the lifestyle change to become a healthier you, expect yourself to fall short some days. Expect greatness on some day too. Expect to feel tired at times and feel like you can conquer the world at other times. It is often a growing experience from the inside out. A good part of being overweight is often the mental part. Mentally we feel unloved, fat and unworthy of being thin. Overcome that mentality and that is most of the battle. When you look back at how much weight loss you experienced, you will amaze yourself.

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Working out takes the time to try, if you cannot even try you haven’t even gotten started. You need to be in the right mind set in the first place to even want to work out and begin the path to losing weight.