Physical Wellness Indicates Physical Health

Anna Banana (34/52)Continuing on the topic of wellness, physical wellness is something that must be kept in mind because in order to achieve wellness in all the other aspects attainable you must remember being fit comes along with it. Most people do not understand that you can be fit, but that does not mean that you’re fit in a healthy manner. That also encourages questions about health to be asked. (Image by Suus Wansink via Flickr)

  • What do you think of, when you hear the term health?
  • What kind of picture is created in your head, when someone tells you, that they are healthy?

You probably already know that in order to prevent the occurrence of heart disease, you should eat foods that are less fatty, or to reduce the possibility of cancer should not smoke cigarettes, and also to practice preventive medical examinations.

But this is still not the whole picture of physical health. Other components are also important, including:

1. Social health, which is the ability to interact with people and the environment in which interpersonal relationships will be carried out with a pleasant feeling.

2. Mental health is the human ability to learn and to soar intellectually.

3. Emotional health is the ability to control emotions and opportunity for appropriate expression.

4. Spiritual health is a belief in a unified force, which is different from person to person.

So when we talk about health, we shouldn’t only focus on our body, but to be interested in social interaction, intellectual dimension, emotions and spirit. Health is the sum of the physical, social, emotional, mental, spiritual status, and the balanced and healthy nutrition.

All these health components are present to a greater or lesser extent. If these components are balanced, then we can say that someone has a perfect wellness condition.

WHAT does it mean to be fit?

To be “fit” means to own all of the above identified aspects or components of fitness. But not only the physical but also the social, mental, emotional, spiritual, and the most important: balanced and healthy diet.

In the past, people significantly less get sick of modern diseases such as cancer, heart disease, blood pressure, etc… And it owes on the much more active and less stressful life, the organic and healthy food, and the soil at that time was much richer in minerals than today.

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As you see being physically well and fit is more than just being able to run a mile without huffing and puffing, but physical wellness embodies everything from eating right to thinking right.

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